Jamii solutions regularly undertake the job of computerization of Offices. Complete Office Automation is carried out, right from conducting software requirement specification and site preparation to procuring and installing all necessary hardware and customized software.

Jamii solutions endeavors to provide complete MIS Support to the User organization and keep updating the Users on their information requirements from time to time. It also implements Projects on a turnkey basis, wherein we provides the services at an affordable cost, thus ensuring enormous savings to the Users as compared to what would be charged by other hardware and software consultants in the industry.

The automation of Offices, carried out by Jamii solutions  over time, has resulted in a substantial transformation of the decision making process from the usual typing-oriented methods, to hi-tech word processing , with concomitant benefits in the form of improved staff productivity , better quality documents and faster dissemination of information.

The Office Automation also includes providing electronic mail services to the Users, ideal for achieving a fast pace of communication and lessening the cumbersome postal delays.


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